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Scrum Master can help make visible


The Scrum Master plays the role of a facilitator and a catalyst for a Scrum Team to empirically improve its performance. To be able to inspect and adapt and make quick decisions, the information needs to be readily accessible to the development team members, the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the leaders of the Scrum Team. Scrum Master helps the Scrum Team to achieve this by helping them create big and visible information radiators. Basically, any information that is available to and required by the Scrum Team is made visible. Here is the list of common items that Scrum Master helps make visible. Keep in mind that each team doesn’t have to make all the below items visible. Let the team members decide which items they would benefit from and help them with what they need.

  1. Product Backlog
  2. Sprint Backlog
  3. Definition of Done
  4. Sprint Burndown Chart
  5. Working Agreements
  6. Action items from previous Retrospective meeting(s)
  7. Release Burndown Chart
  8. Release Burnup Chart
  9. Team Skills Matrix
  10. Impediments List
  11. Defects this sprint
  12. Open / unresolved Defects
  13. Planned v/s Unplanned tasks
  14. Team Happiness Index
  15. Experiments per Sprint
  16. Experiment status
  17. User Personas
  18. Product Roadmap
  19. NPS – Net Promoter Score
  20. Sales / Revenue / # of Customers per month (from the particular product

Which items are you favorite from above? What 5 items would you add to this list?


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