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Agile Leadership Workshop

Agile Leadership Workshop is an experiential workshop for CXOs, Executives and Sr. Leaders to address complex organizational challenges. Designed and delivered by Kamlesh Ravlani, this workshop helps leaders explore topics such as Agile principles, techniques to adapt to rapid market changes, leadership agility, leading organizational change, that are critical for an Agile Leader.

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Challenges – Group exercise
  • Complexity & Leading Organizations
  • Why Agile – Some numbers and Data.
  • Agile Principles – Simulation
  • Self-organization and Networked Organizations – Group exercise
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Leadership Agility – Group exercise
  • Catalyst Leadership – Creating your Leadership Roadmap
  • Organizational Culture and Agility – Evaluation and Analysis
  • Engaging and Motivating Employees – Group exercise
  • Retrospective and Action Items – Group activity

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Chief of Talent, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Chief of Information Security (CIS)

Chief Legal Officer (CLO),

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Group President, Group CEO,

General Council,

Head of Departments,

General Manager,

Executive Vice President, Sr. Vice President,

Vice President,

Director of Products

Director of Marketing, Sales

Director of Technical Delivery, Director

Preparing for the Agile Leadership Workshop?

Would you like to receive some free reading material?
Where should we send it to you ? Let us know here

* What is covered in the Agile Leadership Workshop?

Please refer the agenda above.

* Would you customize the Agile Leadership Workshop according to our learning needs?

Yes, certainly.

Have an outcome in mind? Let's discuss at least a week (preferably two) in advance so we can identify, how - if, we can accommodate your leader's learning needs in the workshop.

* What are the pre-requisites for this Agile Leadership workshop?

We recognize that having basic knowledge of the Agile Values and Principles, and Leader's Role in helping organizations be Agile, helps the participants make the best use of the learning time during this workshop.

Upon confirming your registration with Agile For Growth, we email you the pre-workshop reading content. This includes useful reading material, short articles, and videos. We highly encourage you to get familiar with the topic before the workshop.

* Do I need to prepare anything before attending the Agile Leadership Workshop?
  • Review the pre-training content that we email you.
  • Plan your workshop days to be distraction free as much as possible. Yes, we know it's difficult for leaders. However, can we sharpen the axe and cut trees at the same time?
  • Think through the practical challenges you would like to address after the workshop. Write and bring them to the workshop.
  • During the workshop, first, focus on learning the ideas and techniques then the application will follow. Some ideas may be pretty radical for your organization to implement in it's current state. Don't worry. Learn about the idea first and then let's discuss how you can benefit from it.
  • Have enough sleep.
* Is there any exam after this workshop?

Chill. There is no exam.

However, we do care and highly encourage that you identify your own action items and apply in practice what you've learned during the workshop.

* What is the cost of Agile Leadership Workshop in India?

This Agile Leadership Workshop can be hosted as a private corporate batch for the leaders of your organization. Please feel free to send us your inquiry and we'll get in touch with our best quote.

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