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One of the essential aspects of being a leader is that you constantly reflect and adapt your leadership impact on the people you lead. Evaluate regularly if people you lead are impacted positively and are benefiting from your leadership? Your intention to serve the people you lead, empower your people and develop them is important, however, if your actions are not aligned their needs from you, your leadership impact is going to be severely limited. The best way to grow your leadership impact is to ask the people you lead.


Powerful Questions to upgrade your leadership impact

  • What is my team’s biggest challenge or pain point?
  • What can I do to make things better?

Everyone can potentially lead and everyone has the capability to play leadership role irrespective of the position they held in their organization.

Scrum Training

We offer public and corporate in-house, Certified ScrumMaster Training – CSM, Certified Scrum Product Owner Training – CSPO, and non-certification version of CSM and CSPO workshops. We offer corporate on-site workshops customized to your needs such as: Scrum for Teams, Experiential Scrum Master Workshop, Agile Boot-camp, Agile For Leaders, Agile Leadership, LeSS Framework Training, Facilitation and Agile Coaching Workshop, and Kanban Workshop.

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